Mission Statement


Mission Statement

UCCS is committed to being a leading educational institution where diversity is embraced and all members of the campus community are valued, uplifted, and supported. We are committed to inclusive excellence as a foundation for our teaching and research by engaging our students, staff, faculty in diverse multicultural scholarship and global education.

As a mission-driven core value of our community:

We will advance and sustain a culture that promotes the awareness, appreciation, and respect of diversity, while also inspiring agency and social responsibility through holistic approaches to self-awareness and identity development.

We are dedicated to equitable access and opportunity by creating inclusive learning and work environments that weaves diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into the full fabric of the UCCS community.

We are believing in fostering a culture of inclusion through the active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity in which all members of our campus community feel and authentic sense of belonging and can thrive.

We embrace a climate of belonging that centers holistic community engagement and supports the mental health and wellbeing of all our community members, including students, staff, and faculty with diverse intersecting backgrounds, identities, abilities, and cultures.