DEI Resources

DEI Resources

DEI Resources for the UCCS Community

Below is a list of DEI resources from across the UCCS community that help advance a greater culture of inclusion and belonging. 

Office of Institutional Research Data

The Office of Institutional Research provides institutional and academic support to guide administrative decision-making at UCCS. We collect and analyze data related to student success, enrollment management, institutional effectiveness, faculty productivity, student learning, and other performance indicators. Our responsibilities include reporting to federal and state entities, managing surveys, administering course evaluations, supporting faculty reviews, leading campus data governance, and responding to ad-hoc data requests in addition to analyzing trends in higher education occurring throughout the United States. It is our intention to be as accessible and transparent as possible while maintaining data integrity and upholding the privacy and confidentiality of individual unit records.

CU System DEI Report

Diversity is a core value of the University of Colorado. CU believes all students— regardless of ethnic, racial, political, gender, religious, intellectual, and geographical background—will have a more enriching college experience when they are exposed to a plurality of ideas, viewpoints, life experiences, and rapidly evolving perspectives on national identity. The university continually seeks to create a more inclusive university community—one that fosters an academic and work climate that is productive, positive, safe, and respectful of all viewpoints. 

The CU Diversity Report is an important mechanism for campus officials to share information with the Board of Regents, campus community, and the public about efforts to increase campus diversity and provide an environment that allows all students to succeed. It includes the following information for each CU campus:

Faculty Resource Center

The mission of the Faculty Resource Center is to provide faculty with the instructional resources and support to explore and implement innovative teaching practices. The Center provides consultation, programs, training, and support.

The Center is a faculty-focused, collaborative endeavor to promote effective teaching, with special emphasis on technology-enhanced, hybrid, and online courses. The Center supports new ways of teaching and learning, including creative approaches to faculty-student engagement, course design and implementation, and the seamless integration of technology into the academic environment.

Project Crest Resources

This ADVANCE Adaptation project utilizes evidence-based practices to enhance the research capacity and opportunity of women-identified faculty (hereafter referred to as women for brevity) in STEM while staying attuned to women’s unique intersecting identities to help identify and remedy past, current and future inequities. 

Project CREST: Changing Research Experiences, Structures, and (in)Tolerance through the Adaptation of Promising Equity Practices will transform the University of Colorado Colorado Springs  (UCCS) by adapting practices from ADVANCE IT to: 1) positively impact women’s research experiences and productivity 2) change the research policies and evaluation structures within the institution to more fully support women’s research participation, and 3) vigilantly mitigate biases within UCCS research spaces and research processes. Project CREST focuses on systemic reform efforts that will change the landscape of UCCS today and for the next generation of scholars.  

HR Affirmative Action Plan

As part of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requirements and the university’s affirmative action program, University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) is required to produce an annual Affirmative Action Plan (Plan). The purpose of the Plan isto provide campusleaders,managers, and employees with a comprehensive assessment, including statistical analysis, of our affirmative action efforts and is designed to identify employment goals, potential barriers to equal employment opportunities and progress made in meeting our goals. The Plan also includes a narrative description of UCCS’s employment policies, practices and procedures that support the goal of equal opportunity fostering a diverse and inclusive community.

ADA Information & Resources

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