UCCS 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Summit


UCCS 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Summit: Broadening the Discussion
University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Berger Hall 8:30 am-4:00 pm

The 2020 UCCS Diversity and Inclusion Summit is part of the Advancing Ethics Series—a range of interrelated events which will take place over the next two academic years. Both the Summit and the Series are designed as open learning and listening forums, which provide students, faculty and staff the opportunity to discuss and share ideas regarding current issues that impact the campus community.

This year’s summit highlights the theme of Advancing Ethics: Broadening the Discussion. UCCS has already made strides in advancing research and teaching about ethics and initiating a campus-wide dialogue about ethical behavior and decision-making. The Advancing Ethics Series in general, and the 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Summit in particular, aim to broaden this dialogue by incorporating a wider range of perspectives and disciplines. In combining the interrelated themes of ethics in action-practice, equity, diversity, inclusion and sustainability, the summit will advance the University’s commitment to ethical principles and practices, and contribute to building a reputation for UCCS as a campus where research and knowledge about ethics, ethics in the curriculum, and ethical practices and leadership are central across the entire University. By advancing this dialogue, UCCS has the potential to become a leader in the state as well as the nation in establishing these values as central to our identity as a campus.

The 2020 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Summit will encourage participants to develop or build upon and leverage existing practices and initiatives; identify and prioritize concrete areas of improvement in order to promote an ethical campus culture; and create classrooms and workplace environments in which all campus stakeholders thrive and reach their full potential.

The 2020 UCCS Diversity and Inclusion Summit aims to address a range of topics including:

  • Establishing some common language and understanding of ethical behavior, ethical leadership, and how they are implemented;
  • Broadening our knowledge of “ethics” and examining what ethics in practice looks like;
  • Examining the relationship between ethical behavior and power relationships; 
  • Broadening the conversation about ethics on campus by learning from the practice of ethics at other social institutions, including corporations and businesses;
  • Considering what ethical behavior and decision-making should encompass at multiple levels: i.e., individuals, campus, department/units/offices, administration, etc.;
  • Examining the interconnections among Ethics and Diversity, Inclusion, and Sustainability;
  • Examining UCCS’s strengths regarding how ethics are currently institutionalized and practiced at UCCS; identifying gaps; discussing ways we can all take our ethical behavior to the next level; and implementing the institutionalization of ethical practice (including via our policies at various levels);
  • Prioritizing concrete goals & initiatives and creating accountability.

Planning committee: Andrea Herrera, Abby Ferber, Martin Garnar, Linda Kogan, Jeff Montez de Oca, Debi O’Connor & Tracy Gonzalez-Padron

Schedule of Events

8:00-8:30 am: Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:30 am: Greeting – Chancellor Venkat Reddy & chairs of Faculty Assembly (Mary Coussons-Read) & Staff Council (Corrie West)

8:40 am: Opening Remarks – Andrea Herrera, Associate Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

8:55-9:55 am: Panel Discussion: Defining Ethics Across Disciplines & Fields
     During this discussion panelists will examine differing definitions of ethics across different disciplines and fields.

     Panelists: Mary Ann Cutter, George Cheney, Tracy Gonzalez-Padron, Debi O’Connor & Steve Linhart
     Moderator: Martin Garnar

     Key campus stakeholders will respond to, and discuss, the following question:

  • How do you define ethics; and what role does ethics play in your daily professional and private life (i.e. ethics in practice)?

9:55-10:05 am: Break

10:05-10:55 am: Keynote Address – Ethical & Inclusive Leadership in the Academy
    Guest: Dr. Debbie Storrs, University of North Dakota*

10:55-11:05 am: Break

11:05 am-12:15 pm: Working Session: Advancing Ethics at UCCS 
     Moderator: Martin Garnar, Debi O'Connor, Andrea Herrera & Linda Kogan

     Dean Martin Garnar and Debi O'Connor will begin this working session by sharing the results of the Ethics Committee Survey. In response to the 3
     prompts listed below, working groups will then discuss and share their thoughts via an electronic polling system. Table captains can write on tablet
     sheets to post on walls.

  • Prompt #1, The Roses: Identify current practices, instances or examples of ethics in practice at UCCS.
  • Prompt #2, The Thorns: Identify instances or examples of where we fall short of our ideals (ie. Where are the gaps?  What’s missing?)
  • Prompt #3, The Rosebuds: Identify potential and opportunities we can improve or develop.

12:15-1:00 pm: Lunch  
     (12:45 pm: Facilitators Debi O’Connor, Brad Bayer, Tracy Gonzalez-Padron and Andrea Herrera will identify existing support and initiatives on
     campus, and provide information on Giving Voice to Values and the Matrix Center’s annual workshop the Knapsack Institute.)

1:00-2:15 pm: Advancing Ethics in the Workplace 
     During this session, a panel of local community members will discuss best practices in the business world when it comes to ethical behavior and
     defining and implementing ethical values.

     Panelists: Jonathan Liebert (Better Business Bureau), Robin Roberts (Pikes Peak National Bank), Nicola Roark (T. Rowe Price), James Proby
     (The Men’s Xchange) and Amber Cote (Colorado Nonprofit Association)

     Moderators: Jonathan Liebert, Andrea Herrera & Linda Kogan

2:15-2:30 pm: Break

2:30-3:30 pm: Working Session II: Translating Ideals into Action  

     Moderator: Andrea Herrera

     During this working session, we will share the results from first working session; and exchange ideas regarding how we can translate the best
     practices and ethical ideals identified during the first table discussion into our culture and institution at UCCS. With the aim of building a culture of
     trust, we will discuss what institutional structures (including trainings, etc.) can be developed or created in order to cultivate a culture of trust and
     accountability and consequently foster an inclusive and positive campus climate. The goal of this session is to identify and prioritize actionable
     campus initiatives.

3:30 pm: Concluding Remarks – Provost Tom Christensen & Andrea Herrera

About Keynote Speaker Debbie Storrs:

Debbie Storrs is a Full Professor of Sociology. She earned her PhD and Master’s degrees in Sociology from the University of Oregon, and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. At the University of North Dakota, Storrs served as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and is now the Senior Vice Provost with a broad portfolio including student success, strategic enrollment management, and the honors program among others. In her leadership roles, Storrs has worked to support ethical and equitable practices and outcomes through broadening participation, dialogue, shared governance, policy review, improvement, and adherence. Storrs has been honored with numerous awards, including the Teaching Excellence Award (2003), Advising Excellence Award (2007), and Martin Luther King Jr. Faculty Award for a commitment to inclusion (2004), Virginia Wolf Distinguished Service Award for her dedication to gender justice (2003); Humanities Fellow (2006-07); Athena Woman of the Year Award (2010); 2009 Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Perspectives Award for her article, “Critical Literacy Among the Working Poor”; Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Faculty Member Award (2007); Naval ROTC Faculty Excellence Award (2007); and Alumni Associate Award for Excellence (2006).