UCCS 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Summit


UCCS 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Summit: Broadening the Discussion
University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Berger Hall 8:30 am-4:00 pm

The 2020 UCCS Diversity and Inclusion Summit was part of the Advancing Ethics Series—a range of interrelated events which will take place over the next two academic years. Both the Summit and the Series were designed as open learning and listening forums, which provide students, faculty and staff the opportunity to discuss and share ideas regarding current issues that impact the campus community.

This year’s summit highlighted the theme of Advancing Ethics: Broadening the Discussion. UCCS has already made strides in advancing research and teaching about ethics and initiating a campus-wide dialogue about ethical behavior and decision-making. The Advancing Ethics Series in general, and the 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Summit in particular, aimed to broaden this dialogue by incorporating a wider range of perspectives and disciplines. In combining the interrelated themes of ethics in action-practice, equity, diversity, inclusion and sustainability, the summit aimed to advance the University’s commitment to ethical principles and practices, and contribute to building a reputation for UCCS as a campus where research and knowledge about ethics, ethics in the curriculum, and ethical practices and leadership are central across the entire University. By advancing this dialogue, UCCS has the potential to become a leader in the state as well as the nation in establishing these values as central to our identity as a campus.

The 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Summit encouraged participants to develop or build upon and leverage existing practices and initiatives; identify and prioritize concrete areas of improvement in order to promote an ethical campus culture; and create classrooms and workplace environments in which all campus stakeholders thrive and reach their full potential.

Planning committee: Andrea Herrera, Abby Ferber, Martin Garnar, Linda Kogan, Jeff Montez de Oca, Debi O’Connor & Tracy Gonzalez-Padron

Below is a video recording of sessions held during the 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Summit.

View a copy of the full program (including agenda, activities, and resources) here.

Working Session: Advancing Ethics at UCCS

Moderators: Martin Garnar, Debi O'Connor, Andrea Herrera & Linda Kogan

In response to the 3 prompts listed below, working groups discussed and shared their thoughts via an electronic polling system and/or sticky notes.

  • Prompt #1, The Roses: Identify current practices, instances or examples of ethics in practice at UCCS.
  • Prompt #2, The Thorns: Identify instances or examples of where we fall short of our ideals (ie. Where are the gaps?  What’s missing?)
  • Prompt #3, The Rosebuds: Identify potential and opportunities we can improve or develop.


Working Session II: Translating Ideals into Action  

Moderators: Andrea Herrera & Martin Garnar

During this working session, we shared the results from first working session; and exchanged ideas regarding how we can translate the best practices and ethical ideals identified during the first table discussion into our culture and institution at UCCS. With the aim of building a culture of trust, we discussed what institutional structures (including trainings, etc.) can be developed or created in order to cultivate a culture of trust and accountability and consequently foster an inclusive and positive campus climate. The goal of this session was to identify and prioritize actionable campus initiatives.

View the list of priorities (ranked by Summit attendees) here.