Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

UCCS is committed to being a leading educational institution where all who attend, work and benefit from the campus are valued and respected. We value inclusive diversity as a foundation for teaching and scholarship that prepares students, faculty, staff and community members for both local and global multicultural engagement. Creating a culture of inclusion requires the active, intentional and ongoing engagement with diversity in which all members of the UCCS community feel an authentic sense of belonging.

As an institution committed to equitable access and opportunity, we uphold our commitment to sustainable inclusive belonging by blending diversity, equity and inclusion into the full fabric of the UCCS community. We will advance and sustain a culture that promotes the awareness, appreciation, and respect of diversity, while inspiring agency and social responsibility through holistic approaches to self-awareness and identity development. We provide an inclusive and supportive campus environment that embraces a culture of belonging, engagement and learning for all including those with diverse intersecting backgrounds, social identities, abilities, and cultures

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion aspires to strengthen DEI innovation, impacts, and practices as integral components of inclusive and academic excellence. We are committed to fostering an inclusive learning and work environment where all at UCCS feel a sense of belonging and can thrive.

Our office promotes the principles of inclusive excellence, multicultural education, and social justice that both enhance the University's service to the public and contributes directly to the work environment and the quality of learning for all who participate. Additionally, we seek to elevate the impact UCCS has as a regional and national leader in preparing students for success in a diverse global society and workforce.

DEI Foundational Core Value:

We value INCLUSIVE DIVERSITY as a foundation for teaching and scholarship that prepares students, faculty, staff and community members for both local and global multicultural realities.

UCCS Strategic Plan 2030 DEI Goals:

Foster a Community of Learning, Engagement, and Inclusive Belonging to Nurture the Growth and Success of Faculty, Staff, and Students

    • Cultivate a culture of inclusive excellence that responds to the diversity of our campus community.
    • Advance a culture of innovative and inclusive pedagogy that is relevant to the academic and professional needs of today’s students.
    • Deepen curricular and co-curricular experiences to foster global perspective, experiential engagement, and professional preparation.
    • Strengthen our culture of health, safety and wellbeing.

Note: The office of VCDEI webpage is currently under construction. Please reach out to Ryan Achor at rachor@uccs.edu or 719-255-3815 for additional questions and/or support.


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